Executive coaching

1-to-1 coaching conversations for those seeking insight, a sparring partner or behavioural change. The result? A sense of grip, direction and effective leadership.

In the first conversation we get to the core and agree on how and what we will work on together. You don’t have to explain much to me about leadership and organizational culture; I know the field of work inside out. This we can hit the ground running.

I offer my knowledge and empathy within a safe space for enlightenment and reflection. My methods are based on science-based models clearly linking with day-to-day practice. I draw from theories regarding transactional analysis, systemic coaching and NLP, amongst others.

Petra Lens
Petra Lens
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Sometimes analysis and advice is needed from someone outside the organization. I am an expert in HR, change management and leadership.

In life, sometimes people have a change of heart and turn over a new leaf. Yet in organisations, this does not seem so obvious and easy. Often there’s resistance to change. How do we move forward while keeping a diverse workforce on board?

I support organisations and leaders in giving direction to change by identifying what makes the workforce tick. Informed by many years of management and HR-experience, I translate strategic goals into leadership requirements and people development needs.
Professor Brené Brown’s work on vulnerability and growth is my source of inspiration. I also apply globally used tools such as the Culture and Values Scan by Barrett Values Centre® and assessments by Leadership Circle Profile® and Hogan®.

Petra Lens

Stand Your Ground in English©

Stand Your Ground in English©

Stand Your Ground in English trains non-native speakers of English to speak confidently in public. This training is useful for organisations in which English is the working language.

Do you work in an international environment? English is likely to be the main language spoken. And yet, from sales staff to executive board members, switching languages is difficult for almost everyone. Presenting in a second language can make you less convincing, your story less inspiring.

Yet, without having to go through an extensive language course, this training will quickly improve your confidence and skills:

  • Get insights into your barriers when speaking English in public;
  • Gain understanding about what happens to your brain when speaking a second language;
  • Learn about intonation, openings, linking words, etc. in English;
  • Get started with your own presentation, sales pitch or speech

After taking ‘Stand Your Ground in English’, you will stand firm when addressing an audience or negotiating in English.

Petra Lens
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‘Going through life in a self-aware and balanced manner is something worth striving for. That’s easier said than done, speaking from my own experience.’


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